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Boiler room requirements

Boiler room requirements

General requirements
The boiler room where the boiler is to be installed must meet the requirements of Polish standard
No. PN-87/B-02411.
Each boiler red with solid fuel has to be installed in accordance with valid standards and legal
regulations. Unauthorised  modications  of  mechanical  or  electrical  part  of  boiler  structure  will  be
regarded as breach of warranty conditions causing its immediate termination.
First start-up of the boiler should be performed by authorised manufacturer’s service sta.
The heating system should be built according to the following guidelines:
a) The boiler should be installed in the open-type system.
b) The boiler should be installed at a safe distance from combustible or ammable materials. c) Electric power supply is 400 V/ 50 Hz; the boiler should be electrically connected according to valid   
regulations and standards by a qualied electrician who has all necessary licences.
d) The boiler should be connected to the chimney in compliance with valid regulations and  
manufacturer’s recommendations.

Requirements for boiler location
The boiler should be located in a place which meets the following re-ghting requirements:
— The boiler should be placed on a non-combustible surface.
— The boiler foundation must be made of non-combustible and heat-insulating material and must extend  
beyond the boiler external dimensions at least 20 mm.
— If the boiler is to be located in a basement, it is required to locate it on a pedestal with the height not less than
50 mm above oor level. Both the boiler and fuel tank should stand vertically and be precisely levelled.
Safe distance to inammable materials
— During boiler installation and operation the minimum distance of 200 mm to medium-ammable
materials should be maintained.
— In the case of very ammable materials like paper, wood, plastics and so on (ammability class  
C3), this safe distance must be increased to 400 mm.
— If the inammability of materials is very high, the safe distances specied above must be doubled.
Flammability classes of materials
The boiler location should ensure easy access for maintenance and service operations:
• On the charging hopper side the clearance distance of at least 1000 mm must be maintained (whenever
possible, it is the best to have such clearance equal to the length of charging hopper together with feeding
• The clearance between back side of the boiler and boiler room wall should not be less than 400 mm.
• It is essential to ensure easy access to connection points for hydraulic system, chimney and electric power
supply (3 x 400 V / 50 Hz).

Minimum  distances  to  building  partitions,  dependant  on  the  boiler  power,  are  specied  by  relevant  regulations
concerning in-house boiler rooms red with solid fuels.
Electrical connections
The external devices and auxiliary equipment of the boiler should be electrically connected by qualied electrician with
the appropriate licences. The external equipment and boiler accessories, if any, should be connected, according to the
markings,  to  power  supply  outputs  located  on  the  back  cover  of  boiler  housing.  Electric  diagram  is  also  included  in
instruction manual for the controller.
• Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz.
• Outputs for external devices: 230 V.
The boiler itself should be connected to a separate power line protected by fast-acting cut-out with nominal current of 16 A.

Hydraulic connection
Hydraulic connection consists in connecting the system supply and return pipes to appropriate stub pipes
of the boiler.
Recommendations concerning installation of the boiler:
• The system must meet all valid legal regulations, codes and conform to the best building practices.
• The boiler can be operated only in open-type heating systems meeting the requirements of Polish
 standard PN-91/B-02413 concerning protection of open-system water heating devices and expansion
• No isolating valves are allowed between the boiler and expansion vessel.
• The hydraulic system of boiler room must ensure the minimum return water temperature at the level of
 55 oC. The requirement can be met e.g. by using three-way temperature valves (like the valves type TV
 manufactured by ESBE Company), mixing pump or other devices able to ensure the required return
 temperature automatically.
• During boiler operation, the recommended temperature difference between supply and return is
 10-20 oC.

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